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Our activities

A range of high-level expertise

Coface’s staff are known for the excellence of their expertise and their ability to provide high-quality technical assistance to their customers and to local, regional or international institutions:
  • 38% of our employees work in specific technical business areas such as risk underwriting, information and claims, receivables collection and factoring;
  • 27% are dedicated to customer relationships, sales and marketing;
  • 34% are in charge of support functions, of which 4% involve management control, risk management and audit.

The key areas of expertise which make up Coface’s know-how

Commercial development


This position requires negotiating skills and the ability to form quality relationships, as well as developing good knowledge of Coface’s products.

Our commercial development specialists help to expand Coface’s turnover by offering the full range of its products. 
  • They prospect companies directly or through the intermediary of a network of brokers and agents;
  • They have a good ability to assess prospected companies and to identify their needs. They fully understand all Coface’s products and have good negotiating skills;
  • They monitor contract proposals up to their signing and develop additional sales with customers. They are consequently in permanent contact with Coface’s other departments (contract management, underwriting and claims) to create the best offers and to explain and add value to Coface’s positions;
  • They stay in regular contact with brokers and all Coface’s commercial partners (banks, chambers of commerce, trade associations, etc.);
  • They work closely with the marketing department on the launch of new products.

Risk underwriting

Our underwriters have twin expertise in analysing the financial risk of businesses and understanding the business sectors in which they operate. They manage both requests for domestic guarantees and requests for export guarantees from other Group countries.
  • They manage all risks according to the risk/return profile concerned. They determine the maximum risk for each debtor ;
  • They participate in complex strategic negotiations;
  • They work in cooperation with sales teams and brokers;
  • They monitor the portfolio of risks and exposures in their region.

Information analysis


The information collected enables analysts to produce “Debtor Risk Assessments” for underwriters, who take decisions based on this analysis.

Our experienced information analysts cover all debtors in their country or region. They collect financial information on these buyers, which they round out with data on business sectors, competition and markets.

They monitor high-risk areas particularly closely and make an in-depth assessment of the debtor’s situation by collecting information either through telephone interviews or company visits.


This information is reviewed and updated periodically to improve the risk monitoring process.


All of our analysts have completed advanced studies in financial analysis, either at university or business school.

Claims indemnification

These specialists manage any claims that may be presented by our clients
  • Their work forms part of the general and specific conditions governing each contract, but they are careful to build long-term relations of confidence with policyholders. In this way, while they always listen to the arguments of the customer or business contributor when their decision is contested, their role is to convince them of the compliance or fairness of the claim;
  • They indemnify all claims, regardless of their amounts. Major claims, which have the greatest impact on the Group and on its credit insurance customers, are subject to an appropriate assessment;
  • They calculate and update the provision for claims that Coface needs to recognise and manage pre- and post-indemnification collections;
  • They offer value-added services to major customers and work closely with the broker network.

Receivables collection


This position requires strong negotiating and communication skills. Staff must be able to reconcile accounts and to negotiate the outcome of claims.

Our receivables collection specialists act on behalf of the claims teams to collect long-term receivables.
  • They optimise the collection rate by guaranteeing the speed and efficiency of existing processes;
  • They are in close contact with our partners in order to intervene swiftly in the framework of joint actions;
  • They work with court-appointed receivers and lawyers specialising in insolvency proceedings to collect the amounts due with maximum efficiency.

Factoring risk management

Factoring risk specialists require good understanding of risk assessment indicators and skills in analysing balance sheets and income statements.
  • These specialists are in charge of analysing requests, i.e. the customer’s eligibility for a factoring offer (solvency of the customer, quality of debtors, the billing process, analysis of the sales journal, customer and supplier balances, etc.);
  • They monitor scorecard indicators (DSO, payment delays, litigation, etc.);
  • They audit companies;
  • They manage the renewal of requests.
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