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Coface Country Risk Conference

The Coface Country Risk Conference is a yearly event focusing on the evolution of country risk throughout the world

Coface country risk conference 2021
Open to all, Coface's annual Country Risk Conference brings together the knowledge and insight of French and international experts from the worlds of business, finance, politics and economic research. Over the course of a full day, they decipher and debate the issues shaping global economics and geopolitics, as well as some of the major challenges facing tomorrow's world.
Coface's goal is to provide economic expertise to companies to help them better manage their credit risks, both domestically and internationally, as part of their on-going investment and commercial development strategies.
CRC 2021 is over, but you can check the agenda of our main events, or see on our Linkedin page if we organize an event in your country 

Catch-up the 2021's CRC

During our last CRC, you could follow the main highlights of the debates online ! We shared the key moments of the day on Twitter, using #CofaceCRC.
This year, the theme of our 25th Country Risk Conference was "Embracing new business risks in a post-covid world".
You can find all our round tables on our Youtube channel or below : 
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